Check out: Woman with the longest-finger

Meet the woman with the five-inch middle finger

 Woman with the longest-finger

We all have quirky talents or features that make us

stand-out from one another, but one woman’s unusual

trait has received more attention than most.

Olivia Mercea from Arizona has an extremely long

middle finger – five inches long to be exact.

on TikTok in a video that has been viewed more than four
million times. To prove the length of the digit she held
it up to her face – and the comparison left viewers stunned.

She uploaded the clip with the caption:

“Sorry you had to see it.”

At the very end, she blows a kiss and reveals:

 Woman with the five-inch middle-finger

“My toes are worse.”

Speaking to LadBible, Olivia said that she first realised

her finger was longer than the average a couple of years ago.

Thinking back to the time, she said she remembers being really.

insecure about it. But now she’s embracing the feature.

that would always bring out laughs.”
Woman with the longest-finger
She hopes her unusual feature will help kickstart her career 

Olivia admits that she never expected her finger to receive so much

recognition, winning her more than 22,000 followers.

“The reaction to my TikTok has been insane. I never thought that

it would reach the level that it has,” she added.

Olivia hopes her finger will help to kickstart her career,

as her videos have caught the eye of a number of people

in the modelling industry.

She’s racked up almost one million likes and more than 20,000

comments from people who were stunned by its length.

One person said: “Bruh that’s literally two of mine.”

Another said: “It’s taller than me.”

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