Whales Move Over $4 Billion in BTC During…

Whales Move Over $4 Billion in BTC During Sunday's Market Carnage, 150 Bitcoin from 2010 Spent

Whales Move Over $4 Billion in BTC During…

After bitcoin and a myriad of other crypto-assets tumbled in value

on Sunday a number of significant whale movements took place.

During the morning trading sessions on Sunday (EST), an old school

miner transferred three decade-old coinbase rewards with

150 bitcoin worth more than $8.5 million. Later on in the evening,

just before the transition into Sunday, two major whale transactions

stemming from Binance resulted in three new massive wallets.

One wallet contains 58k in bitcoin worth more than $3.3 billion

using today’s exchange rates.

Whales Move Over $4 Billion in BTC During...
Whales Move Over $4 Billion in BTC During…

Over $4 Billion in Bitcoin Moved Yesterday

Yesterday on April 18, 2021, News alongside the help

of and team members from the Telegram channel

Goldfoundinsh*t caught a number of interesting onchain transactions

pop up on our radar. This was five days after Goldfoundinsh*t and News researchers discovered more than 12k in BTC from

the 2016 Bitfinex hack that got transferred to a number of unknown wallets.

That day, bitcoin (BTC) touched an all-time high on three occasions,

and touched a final ATH at $64,895 per unit on April 14, 2021.

On Sunday, April 18, BTC prices slid to a low of $51,541 per unit

following the massive decline in SHA256 hashrate and rumors of

the U.S. Treasury allegedly cracking down on the crypto industry.

During the course of Sunday’s trading sessions, a number of whale

movements and even sleeping bitcoin transfers took place.


A touch after 11:00 p.m. (EST), two transactions processed at block

height 679,739 and 679,743 transformed into three new whale addresses.

Bitcoin address tagging shows that the funds stemmed from the

popular crypto exchange Binance, and it is assumed that the newly

created addresses are new cold wallets.

A member of the Goldfoundinsh*t team discussed the situation

with News. “These are the first and second whale movements

that hit the radars of our Btcparser2 last night. The result of two

transactions was three new wallets:

  • 3LQeSjqS5aXJVCDGSHPR88QvjheTwrhP8N +58,814 BTC – Most likely this is a new cold Binance wallet
  • 3ByyPAZmzANfV1sMALVU8zdorPUHEbkZZi +20,498 BTC
  • 3LYJfcfHPXYJreMsASk2jkn69LWEYKzexb +11,000 BTC

It is unknown whether this transfer was a reorganization of Binance wallets

or an over-the-counter deal in the making. “After all, we do not know who

the final owners of the new wallets with thousands of bitcoins are,”

a Goldfoundinsh*t team member noted. “Surprisingly, the date of such

a major reorganization (after all, 68k of that BTC has not been touched

since August last year) and yesterday’s significant rout of the

bitcoin price coincides,” the researcher added.


$8.5 million in Bitcoin from 2010 Spent After Sitting Idle for Over Ten Years

Furthermore, 150 bitcoin from 2010 was transferred after the price of

BTC slid a few hours prior. All 150 BTC worth $8.5 million today,

was mined on July 13, 2010, and it was likely mined by the same entity.

The first coinbase reward was spent at block height 679,688 and then

two more coinbase rewards from 2010 were spent at block height

679,692 all stemming from the same day. April has not seen many 2010

coinbase reward transfers unlike the recent string spends of 20 block

rewards on various occasions.


The last decade-old coinbase reward from that year was transferred

on April 10, 2021, just before BTC’s ATH four days later.

There was also a spend of the same caliber from 2010 spent the

day before on April 9. The last time the mega-whale, which spends 20

block rewards at a time, transferred coins was on March 23, 2021.

The whale seems to be skipping out on April or it’s possible it has ended

the run of transferring more than 10,000 BTC from 2010. Whatever the

case may be, bitcoin whales and large crypto fish are moving massive

amounts of BTC since prices have been higher than ever before.


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