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US sets ‘bold target’ on emissions cuts for 2030

US sets 'bold target' on emissions cuts for 2030

US sets ‘bold target’ on emissions cuts for 2030

The US has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 50-52% below

2005 levels by the end of this decade. This new pledge, which

will be unveiled at virtual summit of 40 global leaders, essentially

doubles their previous promise.

The Americans hope that their ambitious new plan will encourage China,

India and others to go further before the crucial COP26 meeting, in Glasgow in November.

But there will be some scepticism about the ability of the US to deliver on

their new target, given the divided nature of American politics.


Many commentators had pushed the US to go for a 50% cut in emissions

as a clear signal of intent. The fact that President Biden is prepared to go

slightly beyond this level will be a welcome surprise to many scientists and campaigners.

“By announcing a bold target of cutting emissions 50-52% below 2005 by the

end of the decade, President Biden has met the moment and the urgency that

the climate crisis demands, said Nathaniel Keohane from the US Environmental Defense Fund.

“This target aligns with what the science says is necessary to put the world on the

path to a safer climate, and vaults the U.S. into the top tier of world leaders on climate ambition.”

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