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Upcoming musician bites husband to death

Upcoming musician bites husband to death

Upcoming musician bites husband to death

A Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) soldier, Daniel Omollo Onyango,

has died after a fight with his wife at their home in Kahawa

Wendani, Kiambu County.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Thursday,

April 8, said that Mr Onyango, 37, died as a result of low oxygen

concentration in the blood after being bitten by his 27-year-old

wife, Violet Asale Emu an upcoming local secular artiste whose

stage name is Zian Achama.

According to the police report, the fight broke out on Sunday

morning, April 4, just minutes after midnight at their two-

bedroom house in Kahawa Wendani.

Preliminary investigation established that the deceased was

furious about the one-bedroom house that his wife had rented

and was demanding to know who pays the rent and who the

other tenants are.


“So angry was the officer that he refused to partake in the night’s

dinner. This led to an argument resulting into a physical fight at

about 1:am in which the deceased bit his wife on the shoulder.

The wife also bit the deceased’s finger, right side of the chest and

back of the shoulder,” an investigator told Nation.Africa. 

Upcoming musician bites husband to death
Upcoming musician bites husband to death
Thereafter, police said, the KDF private who is based at Gilgil,

developed convulsions and was taken to the Kahawa Garrison

Health Centre in Kiambu County where he was pronounced dead.

According to the couple’s neighbours, the two started arguing

about 1:am, moments before they heard Asela screaming from

the bedroom.

“We did not understand what they were arguing about but they

have lately been having issues,” neighbours told Nation.Africa.

Shortly after the screams died down, neighbours said, the

officer’s sister and aunt came out calling for help.

“We asked them what had happened and they said the couple

had fought and that they needed a car to take the officer to the

hospital,” another neighbour told Nation.Africa.

At the time, the deceased’s wife had already contacted Kahawa

Garrison’s health centre requesting for an ambulance to drive her

husband to the clinic.

“They travelled to the hospital with this car (a Toyota Vitz), but

before they could get to the hospital, they met the ambulance

rushing to the house and had the nurse check on the officer. The

nurse pronounced him dead and asked them to go back home

with the body and call the police,” another witness narrated.

At around 7:40am, regular police officers accompanied by DCI

detectives from Githurai Kimbo police station learnt of

the officer’s death through a call made to the station

by the deceased’s colleague.

Detectives said the deceased’s relatives forced their way into the

couple’s bedroom when they heard the officer’s wife screaming

and found him lying still on the floor.

“His wife asked them for help in resuscitating him but they could

not do much. He was already convulsing,” the police said.

“Realising he had developed convulsions and was sliding to his

death, the wife rushed him to Kahawa Garrison Health Centre but

it was too late to save his life. His body was cold and without

a pulse,” DCI George Kinoti said on Twitter.

The officers then arrested the deceased’s wife, aunt and

sister but released the latter two after questioning

and recording their statements.

The officer’s wife was arraigned in court on Monday,

as the murder investigations continue.

The deceased’s body was moved to Forces Memorial awaiting

postmortem. The house has since been locked and

declared a crime scene.

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