Teacher caught sucking wife’s breast after…

Teacher caught s*cking wife’s breast after forgetting to turn off Zoom camera

Teacher caught sucking wife’s breast after…

A Catholic school teacher in Colombia was left red-faced after forgetting

to turn off a Zoom call with his class of teenage students before

snuggling up to his wife’s breasts. Ruben Dario Parras, is a physics tutor at the

Educación Educativa San Vicente de Paul Catholic school, in Palmira, Colombia.

In the video, Ruben, who didn’t realize he was still on camera is seen

lifting up his wife’s blouse before he appeared to kiss her left breast

as the 16 and 17-year-old pupils watched on.


One of the students at the school was heard saying: ‘Oh my God’ and

cringes as her teacher canoodles with his wife.

Mr. Parras was forced to apologise after the blunder.

He said: ‘Some images were recorded while my wife came in to greet

me that have gone viral on the web. Of course it was a mistake of mine,

as I didn’t realize the camera was still switched on at the end of class.

At no moment did I do this deliberately. It was accidental.

I want to apologize for causing offence.’

Headteacher Patricia Duran Cespedes has launched an investigation

into the incident.

She said: ‘This was a serious matter in which the teacher in charge of

the class performed an inappropriate act which was recorded by some

students. And was later viralized on social media.’

One viewer – called Lapaty – joked: ‘It looks like his wife isn’t enjoying

the breast sucking very much. Poor bloke, now all the world

knows his wife is barely interested.’

Pipe Dorado added: ‘I feel sad looking at his wife’s face. There’s no

feeling at all in her body. Or does the prof need a lesson in breast sucking.


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