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Sunyani High Court 2 sentenced 37-year-old farmer to 30-year jail term

Sunyani High Court 2 sentenced 37-year-old farmer to 30-year jail term

Sunyani High Court 2 sentenced 37-year-old farmer to 30-year jail term

The Sunyani High Court 2 has sentenced a 37-year-old farmer,

Solomon Kodua, to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour.

The sentence comes after Mr Kodua slashed the neck of his

33-year-old girlfriend, Comfort Mansa.

The victim, who sustained a deep cut on her neck, had to spend

four months nursing her wounds after undergoing a

surgical operation.


A medical report presented to the court indicated that the victim

also sustained a laryngotracheal injury, causing her to lose her

vocal cords, explaining that a device had to be inserted into

her throat to assist her to speak. Even with the device, the

victim could barely be heard when she spoke

and was still attending hospital, a Principal State Attorney,

Mr Ernest O. Ayeh, told the court.

The convict was jailed after two years of the full trial which began

on May 19, 2019 and was presided over by Justice Mr Gabriel Mate-Teye.

The incident happened at Buoyem in the Techiman North District

of the Bono East Region.

Even though Kodua pleaded for moderation and urged the judge to

be lenient, the judge did not heed his plea.

Mr Mate-Teye said before pronouncing his sentence that considering

the recent spate of spousal murders and abuse, the sentence would

send a strong signal to the rest of the public to refrain

from committing similar crimes in the future.

Mr Ayeh, was that Mansa had been the concubine of Kodua

for 12 years with three children.

He said the two were not living together as Kodua lived with his father

at Buoyem, while the victim also lived with her mother in the same community.

Mr Ayeh said a year prior to the incident, the victim decided to quit

the relationship because Kodua was not discharging his

obligations of taking care of her and the children.

He said the victim left the children in the care of her aged mother and travelled

to do petty trading in order to have something to take care of them.

He explained that on November 5, 2017, the victim returned to

the community to visit her family.

Mr Ayeh said on November 25, 2017, the convict, who was on his way

to the farm, asked the victim to go and assist his mother to process gari,

a request the victim refused to comply with.

He explained that when Kodua returned from the farm in the evening

and found out that Mansa did not comply with his request, he got angry

and rushed to her house to confront her.

Mr Ayeh said in the course of the confrontation, the convict used a sharp

cutlass to inflict a deep cut on Mansa’s neck and fled the scene.

He explained that the aged mother of the victim, who was in her room,

came out to meet her daughter lying in a pool of blood.

Mr Ayeh said the shouts by the old lady attracted neighbours who rushed

to send the victim to the Techiman Holy Family Hospital.

He added that the victim was later referred to the Komfo Anokye

Teaching Hospital due to the extent and degree of injury sustained.

Mr Ayeh added that the convict, after fleeing the scene, called a witness in

the case who was also his friend and told him that he had killed his

wife and that he was going to commit suicide.

Mr Ayeh said the witness managed to convince Kodua to rescind his

decision and consequently was able to hand him over to the police.

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