Samsung ‘Galaxy SmartTag+’ uses UWB to track device

Samsung 'Galaxy SmartTag+' uses UWB to track device

Samsung ‘Galaxy SmartTag+’ uses UWB to track device

Samsung has announced that its ‘Galaxy SmartTag+’ will officially

launch starting April 16th. The tracking device uses UWB and

appears set to beat Apple’s rumored AirTag to market.

Galaxy SmartTag+ is equipped with both Bluetooth Low Energy

(BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology so that it can

pinpoint the location with greater accuracy. It also uses

augmented reality (AR) technology to visually guide you towards

where your missing item is located using your smartphone’s camera.
Samsung 'Galaxy SmartTag+' uses UWB to track device
Samsung ‘Galaxy SmartTag+’ uses UWB to track device

Galaxy SmartTag+, the newest iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy

SmartTag, can be attached to everyday items, like a backpack or

keychain, so they can be precisely and easily located through the

SmartThings Find service on your Galaxy device.

Locate your belongings visually with new AR Finder technology

Because Galaxy SmartTag+ is both BLE- and UWB-enabled, you

can now use AR technology to find your missing item. The AR

Finder guides you with an easy-to-follow interface on your UWB-

equipped smartphone, such as Galaxy S21+ or S21 Ultra, which

shows you how far away you are from your Galaxy SmartTag+

and points you in its direction. And once you’re closer to the

tag’s location, you can choose to have it produce a loud ring so

that even if it’s slipped under the sofa, you’ll have no trouble

finding it.

“UWB is a true game changer, making it possible to lock onto the

position of an object with much greater precision,” said KJ Kim,

EVP and Head of Mobile R&D Office, Mobile Communications

Business at Samsung Electronics. “That’s why we’re continuing to

expand UWB throughout the Galaxy ecosystem, finding new ways

to leverage this technology to help make people’s everyday lives

easier and more convenient.”

Pinpoint your tag’s location, even when it’s far away

Galaxy SmartTag+ can also leverage SmartThings Find’s powerful

detection capabilities, allowing you to locate tagged items on a

map, even if it’s misplaced somewhere very far from where you

are. That’s because the tags use BLE connectivity and the power

of the Galaxy device network. SmartThings Find users can choose

to opt in via the SmartThings app and enable their Galaxy

smartphone or tablet to help others find their own lost tags or

devices. Once you report your tag as missing in SmartThings

Find, any nearby Galaxy device that has opted in will alert the

SmartThings server about its location and you will receive a

notification. All data in SmartThings Find is encrypted and

protected, so the tag’s location isn’t revealed to anyone but you.

Remotely control your smart devices with the click of a button

On top of that, Galaxy SmartTag+ and SmartTag are helpful for

more than just locating lost possessions. Forgot to turn off your

bedside lamp but you’ve already left the house? Rather than

running back home, you can use your SmartTag+ or SmartTag to

turn off the light remotely6. Through the SmartThings app, you

can choose different functions you would like your tag to

complete when you press or hold down the tag button.

Galaxy SmartTag+ will be available starting from April 16. Galaxy

SmartTag+ operates using the SmartThings Find service,

provided in the SmartThings app.

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