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Nigeria to change the country’s name to United African Republic

Nigeria to change the country's name to United African Republic

Nigeria to change the country’s name to United African Republic 

What is someone from the United African Republic called?

Uranium or Urea?

The answer is keeping many Nigerians awake as they

ponder over a proposal to change the name of the country.

For two weeks, federal lawmakers have been traversing the

country collating citizens’ views to amend the constitution.

The idea was to gather suggestions for amendments such

as electoral reforms and the system of government.

But citizen Adeleye Jokotoye, a tax consultant, dropped

something of a bombshell at the hearing in Lagos.

He wants the name of the country changed as it was

an imposition by Nigeria’s past colonial masters.


The name Nigeria was suggested in the late 19th Century

by British journalist Flora Shaw, who would later marry

the British colonial administrator Lord Frederick Lugard.

It is derived from the River Niger which enters the country

from the north-west and flows down to the Niger Delta where

it empties into the Atlantic Ocean through its many tributaries.

But Mr Jokotoye wants the name changed and his choice of

United African Republic – to reflect the hundreds of ethnic

groups that comprise the country – has blown a storm.

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