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New Juaben Traditional Council pulls down ‘offensive’ statue

New Juaben Traditional Council pulls down ‘offensive’ statue

New Juaben Traditional Council pulls down ‘offensive’ statue

The New Juaben Traditional Council has pulled down a

statue it describes as ‘offensive and dirty trick’ erected at

the Prince Boateng Roundabout near the Koforidua

Omanhene’s palace in the Eastern Region.

According to the Traditional Council, the statue named

‘Prince Emmanuel Yao Boateng’ was erected by his children

without authorization.

An action of the Omanhene of New Juaben Traditional Council,
Daasebre Prof Emeritus Oti Boateng, has described as gross
disrespect to the Yiadom Hwedie stool.

The Council said the decision to forcibly pull down the

statue follows the failure by the children of the late

Oheneba Yao Boateng to remove the statue as promised when

summoned on February 5, 2021 by the traditional council.

“The Children have also on two different occasions,

on 5th March and 19th March 2021 respectively, refused

to honor specific request by the traditional council to

attend its meetings on the issue.

“It has emerged that Oheneba Yao Boateng’s children have

produced and widely distributed a video of the

‘offensive’ statue in the United States of America,

the United Kingdom, and Ghana.

New Juaben Traditional Council pulls down ‘offensive’ statue
New Juaben Traditional Council pulls down ‘offensive’ statue
“The Traditional Council is in possession of a copy of

the video which is totally repugnant to the history and

sensibilities of the chiefs and people of New Juaben,”

the Traditional Council said in a statement released.

The Traditional Council contended that the late

Mr Boateng is not a royal from the Yiadom Hwedie family

but derived his status from the fact that his father was

Nana Kwaku Boateng I, who reigned as Omanhene of

New Juaben from 1913 to 1930.

“One would have expected the children of

Oheneba Yao Boateng, who erected the statue,

to exercise due diligence and circumspection by first

considering their grandfather, Nana Kwaku Boateng I,

for the honor rather than his son and their father,” it said.

The inscription Prince Emmanuel Yao Boateng instead of

Oheneba Yao Boateng boldly on the said statue is also

considered very offensive to the Akan customary practice and

usage. From the multifocal analysis of the Akan kingship structure,

Oheneba Boateng, whose mother is not Akan, is also not Akan.

The New Juaben Traditional Council further stated that the

late Boateng did not do anything tangibly significant to

merit a statue in his honor in such a vantage area.

According to the Traditional Council, it had already

earmarked the very spot for erecting the statue of

Nana Kwaku Boateng I, to commemorate his unique contribution

as the Omanhene who built the New Juaben Palace.


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