NDC Chairman, Allotey Jacobs advises govt over galamsey

NDC Chairman, Allotey Jacobs advises govt over galamsey

NDC Chairman, Allotey Jacobs advises govt over galamsey

Social commentator and former NDC Central Regional Chairman,

Bernard Allotey Jacobs has advised President Nana Akufo-Addo

to apply persuasion in his fight against illegal mining.

The country’s water bodies and lands are destroyed as a result

of illegal mining activities. There are fears that, if galamsey is not

stopped, Ghana might have to import water years to come.

For the sake of future generations and the country’s health,

the President has opened a dialogue with small-scale miners

to find ways to stop illegal mining, also called galamsey.


The President says he isn’t backing out of the fight, therefore

pledging full commitment to protect the mining communities

and the water bodies from contamination.

Speaking on Peace FM, Allotey Jacobs offered that the President

should not use force but have interactions with the players in illegal mining.

He asked the President and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) to

task their communicators to go to all mining communities,

educating and persuading them to stop engaging in galamsey.

He believed this approach is the best way to address the issue.

“If you declare war, it will boomerang in your face as a government

. . . it took 32 years for NPP to come to power . . .look, you have your

troops. You have your communicators. You have the people who have

been employed by government. Go to the grounds; get down.

It should always be the duty of the security agencies. Look at this alternative

livelihood, sit down with them community by community in the areas where

galamsey takes place. Talk to the people; persuade them.” “We’re human

beings. We have the reasoning power which God has given to us. We can

decipher from what is good and bad. Look, let’s take advantage. Engage the

community where galamsey is being operated and they’re a lot. Send people

down, let’s sit with them; let’s school them. I believe that this kind of

persuasion can be achieved. At least it won’t stop it at ago but gradually we

will phase it out,” he said.

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