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My father set a trap to end my life

My father set a trap to end my life

My father set a trap to end my life

A physically challenged Nigerian has told a heartbreaking tale

of how he lost his legs in the hands of his biological father.

Known simply as David, the married man and father recounted

how he inherited a piece of land after his mother’s demise,

a plot his father had also been eyeing. After several pleas by his

father to give up the land, David said he was not willing,

resulting in enmity between him and his father.

 My father  set a trap to end my life
My father set a trap to end my life

“One day, when I was in the house resting with my wife and

his child, I heard a noise outside my house as though someone

was cutting down plantains from my farm. Upon hearing the noise,

I ran outside to examine what was going on as well as to stop

whoever it was that was cutting down my plantains.”


Unbeknownst to him, he had fallen into a trap set to end his life,

as his father, without any hesitation, struck him with a cutlass.

David recounted that his father cut off his first leg, then his second

before slashing parts of his body including his fingers and arms,

and was just about to cut off his head when his wife ran out of the

house because of his scream.

David said when he woke up after undergoing surgery and seeing his

legs off in that hospital room, he couldn’t believe it, “it was unbelievable,

the worst thing I could have ever imagined”.

Accepting his new reality, David has carved for himself pair of wooden

legs to assist in his movement.

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