Musician Wanluv the Kubolor

Wanlov the Kubolor– I want to be remembered as someone who encouraged people to be themselves

Musician Wanluv the Kubolor has revealed what he wants a legacy that will live on after he passes away.

Speaking on EVIBES with JoyNews’ Becky, Wanluv stated that he wants to be remembered as

someone who gave people the courage to be who they wanted to be.

“I would like to be remembered as a person who made people feel free or gave them the courage to be

themselves and to honor the truth and to fight for people who were not yet in a position to fight for themselves.

A friendly neighborhood,” he revealed.

Disclosing some loopholes in the music industry, Wanlov said the country has invested so much money and

resources in international music instead of nurturing the local music industry.

According to him, artistes in the country can be motivated when they are given the necessary support.

“But because of the way we work, artistes that work here have started leaving the country after working with us.

People who know us internationally have started inviting those artists as well,” he explained.

He further shared that “we want to be home champions but the nature of the business here,

we have decided to invest more outside.”

Musician Wanluv the Kubolor is a Ghanaian-Romanian musician, film director and cultural icon born to an Akan father and
a Romanian mother. Kubolor is a Ga word that essentially means truant but can be
understood to be a wanderer or vagabond.

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