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Meet the lady who chose farming over Journalism

Meet the lady who chose farming over Journalism

Meet the lady who chose farming over Journalism 

Before becoming an organic farmer, Munyuy Mercy Vernyuy

had eleven years of experience working as a journalist.

Though she did not have higher education in journalism, she is

gifted with skills and a beautiful voice that appeals to radio and TV.

“I started journalism in a community radio station in 2009 as a

volunteer without training. I had just left college and

was unable to continue my education.”

Munyuy left Government Bilingual High School in Kumbo

in 2007 due to financial constraints.


Her parents were unable to pay her fees in her desired college,

so she had to stay home for a year to sell fruits and volunteer as

a home teacher to raise money and go back.

Munyuy eventually went back in 2010 to obtain her Advanced Level Certificate.

“I studied English, French and history as an added subject,” she said.

Munyuy says her life was full of challenges such that she couldn’t

make any headway in her educational career.

In 2014, she entered Impact Polytechnique in Kumbo to study

Journalism and Media but once again could not continue after

her Higher National Diploma due to lack of funds and the insurgency

of the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon which caused her to relocate.

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