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Kenya-police recruit officers with physical-attributes

Kenya police defends recruiting officers with low grades

Kenya-police recruit officers with physical-attributes

The spokesperson for Kenya Police Service has defended

the recruitment process of officers, saying that those with

higher grades from secondary school exams had

“unrealistic demands.”

They focus on career advancement and are unlikely to

work as hard as their counterparts with lesser grades,

Charles Owino told Citizen TV.

He added:

We have a challenge when we employ every policeman with grade C+ and above…they go back to school, they get their degrees, they come back and tell you ‘now we don’t want to serve at this level’.”

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Kenya-police recruit officers with physical-attributes

Mr Owino said that what was important was recruiting

“intelligent people“, saying that this was not determined

by academic grades alone.

“You come in with good education… and don’t do your work,

it’s not your education that will do your work, you must be

practical, and you must earn your promotions fairly,”

Mr Owino said. Kenya Police Service has often been listed

as the most corrupt government institution,

its officers have been accused of human rights violations and

infringement of people’s rights. Some Kenyans have blamed

this on the recruitment process which focusses on officers’

physical attributes instead of academic qualification. “There’s a lot that

involves, it’s not just high grades only,” Mr Owino said.


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