Jomoro MP asked to produce evidence of renunciation…

Jomoro MP asked to produce evidence of renunciation of Ivorian Citizenship

Jomoro MP asked to produce evidence of renunciation…

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Jomoro in the Western Region,

Dorcas Affo-Toffey, has been served a writ to produce evidence

of her renounced dual citizenship in court.

A petition that was filed by one Joshua Emuah Kofie, to challenge

her legibility as a Parliamentary representative of

the constituency, has been reactivated.

The Jomoro MP, who is the 1st Respondent in the case, together

with the Electoral Commission [2nd Respondent] are to appear

before the Sekondi High Court on 31 May 2021.

The petitioner, Mr Kofie and his legal representatives; Frank Davies Esq.

of Messrs Davis & Davis, are praying the court to grant an order to

inspect documents that prove Mrs Affo-Toffey’s citizenship in

a matter where her legibility to hold office under the constitution

is being challenged on grounds of multiple citizenship.

An earlier request [dated March 22, 2021] to the court for “the grant

of an order directed at 1st Respondent to Produce for Inspection of

the Documents” is to be pursued in this instance.


The petitioner had argued that Mrs Affo-Toffey possesses Ivorian and

American citizenship, and thus failed to renounce them accordingly

prior to the filing of nomination to contest the 2020 Parliamentary Election.

Consequent to which the 1st Respondent, per the new writ, is reported

to have stated on 9th March 2021 that, “she has never been an

American Citizen but she was an Ivorian Citizen and had renounced that

Ivorian Citizenship before she filed her nominations to contest the

December 2020 Parliamentary Elections in the Jomoro Constituency.”

But since then, the 1st Respondent and her lawyers had, according to

the petitioner’s lawyers, failed to provide a Certificate of Renunciation

of her Ivorian Citizenship or any other document that supports her claim.

In the pursuit of the truth in this claim, the petitioner is requesting of

the court to “permit my [Mr Kofie] Lawyers to take copies thereof, at our cost.

“It is pertinent to state that, till date 1st respondent’s lawyers though

in receipt of the letter have failed, refused and/or neglected to answer

my lawyer’s request without any justifiable reason whatsoever,” the writ added.

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