iOS 14.5 Battery Health Recalibration Boosts Health Percentages…

iOS 14.5 Battery Health Recalibration Boosts Health Percentages For Some Users But Drops It For Others

iOS 14.5 Battery Health Recalibration Boosts Health Percentages…

The new battery health recalibration feature in iOS 14.5 beta has increased

battery health percentages for some iPhone 11 users; however, it’s decreased

health percentages for others. The new feature was introduced in beta six;

however, it takes a few weeks to finish. In a thread on reddit, user StephIschoZen

said their battery’s maximum capacity went up from 88% to 94%.


Other users reported the same. Logic33011’s percentage increased from 85% to 87%u,

user haenrqz said their percentage went up from 90% to 96%, and rafaqueque’s went

from 84% to 89%. However, there were reports of opposite. Andrew2511 said his

percentage went down from 89% to 88% and user juniorspank’s said theirs went

from 90% to 87%.

Here’s how Apple describes the recalibration feature.

iOS 14.5, coming later this spring, includes an update where the battery health r

eporting system will recalibrate maximum battery capacity and peak performance

capability on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max to address

inaccurate estimates of battery health reporting for some users. Symptoms of

this bug include unexpected battery drain behavior or, in a small number of instances,

reduced peak performance capability. This inaccurate battery health reporting does

not reflect an issue with actual battery health. Apple is expected to release iOS 14.5 to

the public following its special event on April 20th.

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