How to spot a man who wants more than sex from you

How to spot a man who wants more than sex from you

How to spot a man who wants more than sex from you

If he’s after something more lasting than sex and other

carnal pleasures, these are the things you’ll see.

As we have already said undefined, the difference

between these men is mostly timing.

One is likely at a phase of his life where sexual activities

are all he craves, without any form of commitment

whatsoever. For the other, there’s a need for something

deeper, something more lasting,

deeper and more meaningful than just sex.


When a guy comes around and lingers and you’re not sure

whether he’s seeking just sex or he wants more than that,

these are the hints you should look out for:

His texts will not be limited to those annoying WYD inquiries.

He will be interested in knowing about you and he’ll ask

the relevant questions with the aim of unraveling you,

becoming intimate to you in a way that exceeds

the visceral connection of sex.

Of course, the whole of this piece is to help you know the

guy that likely wants more than sex from you,

not one who does not want sex from you at all.

So, he may want to have sex with you or he may

choose to be celibate for the time being.

If a sexual relationship is what you choose, though,

he will be patient and not pushy. One of the signs you will

see of a guy who wants more than sex from you is the

willingness to wait till you are comfortable enough to do the do.

If he’s wooing you with regular dates, introducing you to friends

and all, chances are that he sees more in

you than just a woman to hit and run.

Another way to know if a man wants more than sex from you

is that he drops the hard guy façade and lets you see beneath

his hard, unemotional stance he puts up for everyone else.

If he’s expressing his emotions, seeking your opinion,

taking them into consideration and doing the things you tell him,

he’s very likely onto something more serious than sex.

None of the things mentioned above can be taken as seriously as

an express willingness to commit you to a romantic, exclusive

relationship. And this is why it is very important to always ask

a man to state his intentions in clear terms.

When he says that he desires more with you than the occasional

roll in the hay, then you hear for yourself what his intent is.

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