High electricity bills – new Kejetia-market

Kejetia traders protest high electricity bills

High electricity bills – new Kejetia-market

Traders at the new Kejetia market have given managers of

the facility a two-week ultimatum to address challenges with

their electricity bills. The over seven thousand stores depend

on a single metering system.

The traders are demanding separate meters to manage their

individual power consumption. The traders lamented the high

cost of electricity bills over the months.

They have complained to the authorities without any solution.

Some of them say their shops are locked up when they fail

to pay the bills on time. Nana Kwasi Prempeh,

leader of the traders, cited continuous flooding,

roof leakages, choked drains and non-functional

elevators at the market as some challenges.

system for cooking are all challenges inhibiting business
at the new Kejetia market.

He said the lack of a public address system at the market has

affected effective communication between management and traders.

According to him, accessibility to a section of the new Kejetia market

F-line is problematic. Traders plying their trade in that area continue

to count their losses everyday. Nobody come there to do business

with them because there is no access.

Traders have vowed to remove the barricade if management

fails to do that within two weeks.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of the Kejetia City Market Limited,

Kofi Duffuor, says the plight of the traders will soon be addressed.

challenges they lamented about.

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