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#fixthecountry: Sefa Kayi goes ‘wild’ on govt officials

#fixthecountry: Sefa Kayi goes ‘wild’ on govt officials

#fixthecountry: Sefa Kayi goes ‘wild’ on govt officials

Broadcaster Kwami Sefa Kayi has lambasted government officials

telling Ghanaians to fix their attitudes before they tell

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to fix the country.

Many Ghanaians say the president is underperforming in his second term.

They complain bitterly about decisions of the government, particularly with

regard to its imposition of taxes and fuel price increments

among other economic hardships.


Currently, social media users have gone into a frenzy over the performance

of the president and generated #fixthecountry to convey their

demands to the president.

But the #fixthecountry crusaders have had a toxic reply from some government

officials as they have also formed #fixyourself to say the citizens must first

fix their attitudes before they get the change they want.

Taking on the ‘fix the country’ campaign, Mr Kayi, affectionately called

Chairman General, rebuked the government officials over their rude

utterances and replies to Ghanaians.

“Must you respond to everything? Because what these #fixit people are

saying is all true, so if they have made them their minds to escalate it and

take action on it, you just have to pay a good listening ear to it. But you

don’t respond with nonsense,” he fired back on his

show on Peace FM Friday morning.

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