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Father of Rastafarian student sends message to Achimota School

Father of Rastafarian student sends message to Achimota School

Father of Rastafarian student sends message to Achimota School

One of the parents of the Rastafarian boys says he is ready and

willing to enroll his ward in Achimota School following a court order

by an Accra High Court to admit the two students.

Speaking on Top Story, Ras Nkrabea said he and the other parent,

Mr Marhguy are, however, hesitant to immediately let their kids

go to campus because of the possible hostility they may face.

He said that the boys struggled psychologically throughout the

ordeal, hence, they do not want them to go through any more

traumatic experience in the school because of the court judgment.

“The school is not just for academic education, it is to groom

the children into being good human beings. We have just gone

through a battle that has damaged the children, so,

we are not expecting any hostility from the school.

“So, one of the best ways is to pacify the situation,

to show some love, show some concern and welcome

them in the school properly,” Mr Nkrabea said.

In March this year, Achimota School issued admission letters

to the two students but indicated that they would only be

enrolled on condition that they shave their dreadlocks

in accordance with the school’s academic regulations.

Tyron Iras Marhguy and Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea sued the

School’s Board of Governors, the Minister of Education,

the Ghana Education Service and the Attorney General

to enforce their fundamental Human Rights.


The Human Rights Division of the High Court, presided over

by Justice Gifty Agyei Addo, ruled that the fundamental human

rights of the two students could not be

limited by the rules in question.

Lawyer for the families, Ras Wayo Tetteh, said that the young boys

can be admitted to the school as early as Tuesday, June 1.

However, Mr Nkrabea said there have been concerns raised about

how the school will treat his son should he send him to the school

and how that treatment will impact on his studies and mental health.

“We are not expecting to go to the school and see teachers show disdain,

see teachers showing scorn or wanting to reject the children,” he said.

Mr Nkrabea said they would appreciate it if the school obeys the

court order and welcomes the children with open arms.

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