Download youtube video with just one click

Download youtube video with just one click

Download youtube video with just one click

1 – Clearing your browsing history is important to do. Here’s how to delete

your browser history. In Chrome, click Ctrl+ Shift + Del to quickly access the

“Clear Browsing Data” Window.

Download youtube video with just one click
2 – Searching for exam samples can be a difficult task. Now, it’s easy peasy!

To find sample tests for a looming exam, search “site:edu [subject] exam”.

3 – Make a small knot at either side of the earphone to identify left or right side of the earphones.

4 – This is the easiest way to keep track of valuable documents. Take pictures

of important notices, receipts, invitations, business cards, shopping lists for

easy access and never lose your paper trail again.

5 – Ever find yourself wanting to crank up the volume when listening to music

on your smartphone. The easiest way is placing it in an empty cup or glass jar.

Download youtube video with just one click

6 – I’ve heard about this hack before and always wondered if it worked. Well,

it seems it does! Bounce batteries to see if they are good or bad. The higher

they bounce, the lower the charge they have in them. Be sure to watch this

cool video illustrating that.

7 – To delete files or folders quickly without dragging it to the trash bin, just use Shift+ Del .

8 – Did you know you can turn your handwriting into a font? Well, you can with MyScriptFont. It’s easy and lots of fun!

9 – Stumped by a math problem? Get the PhotoMath app and scan the math

problem with your phone and the app will solve it for you. I installed this the

other day and I can’t stop using it!

Download youtube video with just one click

10 – This is a great hack if you ever lose your phone! Put an emergency contact

number and a name on your lock screen.

11 – For quick dictionary meanings, google “define: [your search term]”.

I can’t tell you how many times a day I use this!

Save a file as xlsb by using Save As.
  1. Click on the Save as type to active the drop down menu.
  2. Select Excel Binary Workbook.
  3. Press the Save button.

12 – This is one of the best ways to save on your black ink. If your

printer is out of or running low on black ink, change the font

color to #010101 for 99% gray.

13 – Have you ever found yourself in a hotel without your charger?

Be sure to check the TV for a USB.

14 – Who doesn’t love a good GIF? If you want a quick way to turn

part of a YouTube video into a GIF? Add “GIF” after “www.” and

before “youtube” in the URL of the video.

15 – To paste copied text without the formatting, use Ctrl + Shift +V

 or Cmd+Shift+V on Mac. Previously you would have had to copy the text

into a format-neutral space (like Notepad) and then copy it into Chrome.

– Ever need to download a YouTube video? To download a YouTube video,

insert “ss”, after www. and before YouTube. Works like a charm!

Download youtube video with just one click
Download youtube video with just one click

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