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Corpse resurrects while being prepared for burial

Undertaker narrates scary story of how dead body woke as he prepared it for burial

Corpse resurrects while being prepared for burial

An undertaker has given a chilly account of how he encountered

a dead person resurrect while he was preparing it for burial.

Samuel Okyere who narrated his ordeal in the hands of the

corpse to Crime Check Television disclosed that he had to

beg and ask to be allowed to perform his duties.

“I asked him to go sort out issues with his family members

or whoever he had problems with prior to his death.

I only made it clear to him I was a messenger who had

been sent to perform a task of preparing the body

for burial,” he disclosed.

According to him, he had stepped out to fetch

something and when he returned, he observed that the

corpse had started blinking, something he said frightened him.

Challenged by the host that it was possible the ice

covered the eyes of the dead body and while melting

it exposed other features, he disagreed.

“I have seen it several times. The person can look at

you and blink the eyes severally. All you need to do

during such times is hold talks with the dead body

that if she or he has scores to settle with anyone,

it must be done after burial and not get you involved.”

Asked if he is not scared of confronting such issues,

he said he knew about the repercussions before taking

up the task of dressing dead bodies for burial.

He however advised persons who want to follow

in his line of business to be spiritually fortified.

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