Bride marries wedding guest after groom disappeared

Bride marries wedding guest after groom disappeared

Bride marries wedding guest after groom disappeared

In a bizarre incident, the bride got married to one of the

‘baraatis’ (member of the marriage party from the groom’s side)

after the groom disappeared mysteriously from the wedding venue.

The incident took place two days ago in

Maharajpur area in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, the ‘jaimala’ (exchange of garlands) ceremony

had taken place and the families were preparing for the main

wedding ceremony when the groom suddenly disappeared.

Both the families began frantically searching for the groom and

the bride was distraught at the turn of events.


After searching for a while, the bride’s family members came to

know that the groom was not missing, but had deliberately

fled from the spot for reasons best-known to him.

Seeing the bride’s family upset, one of the guests from the

groom’s side suggested that the marriage should be

solemnized with another suitable boy from the baraat.

The bride’s family zeroed in on one of the boys and their respective

families, after consultations, agreed on the alliance.

The marriage was solemnized at the venue.

Later, the bride’s family lodged a complaint against

the groom and his family members.

Inspector Narwal, Shesh Narain Pandey, said: “We have received

a complaint in this regard from both the bride and groom sides.

While the bride’s side has sought suitable action against the groom

and his family members, the groom’s father, Dharampal, in his

complaint, has sought police help to trace his missing son.

Investigations are continuing in this regard.”

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