Bride bans best friend from bridal party over weight gain

Bride bans best friend from bridal party over weight gain

Bride bans best friend from bridal party over weight gain

A new mum has been left devastated, after her bride-to-be

best friend banned her from her bridal party due to weight

she had gained during her pregnancy.

The mum, who gained three stones after giving birth to her child

last year, always thought she would take on the role of bridesmaid

after her friend got engaged, until she found out through

social media she had been cruelly excluded.


“We’ve been friends for a long time and over the years she has

always made references to me being a bridesmaid when

she gets married,” she wrote on Mumsnet.

“This afternoon she tagged four friends on Facebook introducing

them as her ‘team bride’. I felt really upset about it, but still,

I messaged her to say congratulations on the team bride.

She replied saying she really wanted me to be a part

of it but it wouldn’t have been right for me.”

When the woman dug a little further into why her best friend

suddenly didn’t see her as being the right fit anymore,

her friend told her she thought the bridesmaids’ dresses

would be an issue, “given how you feel about yourself right now.”

“I know the style wouldn’t compliment your body shape or be

something you’d ever typically wear and I know you’d feel

uncomfortable if you did have to wear it,” the message read.

“I have my heart set on those dresses and I wouldn’t expect you to

wear something that wasn’t right for you, but I also wouldn’t want

to compromise and change my dresses. All of the girls love

them and feel super happy wearing them.”

The mum explained: “I do feel awful about myself, which I’ve told my

friend several times,” adding that she still feels so hurt this

would be a reason for her not to be picked as bridesmaid.

“All four girls she’s picked are super stick thin (as is my friend) maybe

size 8 or 10, I’m a size 16 to 18 and I can’t help but feel I’d ruin

the ‘image’ if she picked me and that’s exactly why

she hasn’t asked me,” she continued.

“She is right that I wouldn’t feel great in that dress right now,

but her wedding isn’t until May next year which would’ve given

me plenty of time to lose some weight!”

The mum questioned whether she was right to feel hurt by her

friend’s decision and she was quickly inundated with comments from

people who branded the bride’s message as ‘disgusting.’

“She is not a friend! Who on earth prioritizes the dress they want

their bridesmaids to wear above having actual close friends

as bridesmaids,” one user commented.

Meanwhile another added: “Jesus, that is absolutely brutal.

What a horrible person she is. You don’t need someone

that superficial in your life.”

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Bride bans best friend from bridal party over weight gain
Bride bans best friend from bridal party over weight gain

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