Aircraft-manufacturing training in Ghana

AXIX GP to begin aircraft manufacturing training in Ghana

Aircraft-manufacturing training in Ghana

AXIX GP Incorporation, a United States-based Aircraft

Manufacturing Company, is set to train Ghanaian youth in

the manufacturing of next-generation hybrid aircraft.

AXIX GP will assist in the development of a permanent

S.T.E.M. based education and professional technician

program  in Ghana to secure a technologically

prepared 21st century workforce.

AXIX GP to begin aircraft manufacturing training in Ghana
AXIX GP to begin aircraft manufacturing training in Ghana

The company, which intends to establish its branch in

Ghana (AXIX GP International Ltd), would be situated

in the Greater Accra Region.

Chairperson of International Trade Council and Chief Executive

Officer (CEO) of Modern World Logistics Ltd, Solomon Addai

, who is leading the company to Ghana, said the company’s

strategy would be in line with the government’s

flagship program One District/One Factory policy.

He said the initiative, which has been supported by

the Member of Parliament for Anyaa Sowutom Constituency,

Dr Adomako Kissi, would create employment for the

teeming youth in the country.

“AXIX GP will manufacture prospective technologies

in multiple municipal districts and constituencies in

accordance with One District/One Factory concept to

create more jobs for the youth,” he added.

The CEO of AXIX GP, Laviere D. Rice, on his part,

said the company would engage the public to

implement a system of establishing and maintaining

a S.T.E.M. trained workforce in Ghana and Africa at large.

“We have a business and products that will create jobs,

but we need to ensure that the youth and others

have the education and training to compete and

sustain employment in the current and future workforce.

“Preparation is the key, and we need the people of

Ghana to understand they have a major

responsibility in this as well,” he said.

“A Transfer-of-Technology (ToT) only works when

the people buy in 100%. This is about the future,

and our (Africa) place in it,” Laviere Rice, AXIX GP, CEO, noted.

He said the company would advocate for and

implement 3D/4D additive manufacturing technology

and hardware science for applicable industries such

as farming, construction, medicine, and housing among

others in Ghana to improve the 21st-century manufacturing

technology capabilities of Ghana and Africa at large.

He stressed that, AXIX GP would develop leaders and

technology experts responsible for delivering high

quality products to the global economy.

“It would also develop a process of sustainable growth

of industry jobs via direct and indirect sources,” he said.

Mr Rice maintained that the company would improve

and maintain the overall “Health” of the communities

in which they operate.

“Absentee gentrification will be our policy,

moreover any urban/rural redevelopment we engage

in will not displace residents; only improve their

community,” he added.

He said it would identify alternative approaches to

traditional business opportunities; to develop concepts

that would change the future by leveraging R&D resources,

to launch disruptive products in markets and businesses.

AXIX GP International is an additive manufacturing company

which deals in the manufacturing of 3D printed,

hybrid powered, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL)

aircraft called the Sky Rider.

AXIX GP intends to develop and manufacture Sky

Rider products such as Multi-purpose Aircraft

Transportation Vehicles (MATV), Sport Utility

Vehicle Aircraft (SUVA) and Urban Air Mobility

products/components, aviation infrastructure,

commercial jetliners, defense, space and security systems,

spacecraft in Ghana and Africa at large.


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