5 signs that prove your girlfriend might have ‘daddy issues’

5 signs that prove your girlfriend might have ‘daddy issues’

5 signs that prove your girlfriend might have ‘daddy issues’

When a girl is in a messed up relationship with her dad; usually

because her dad’s mean or left, she tends to be attracted to

men who will disappoint her in the same way.

According to Social Psychologists, she seeks attention from other

men to compensate for the lack of her father’s attention.

However, others believe this is a way to slut-shame a woman to

deter her from expressing her sexual interest in a man.


If you know you are very occupied with other activities,

don’t go in for this kind of girl.

2. Dating older men

This is usually the most obvious trait of a girl with daddy issues.

Yes, it’s really creepy, but they usually date older men because

these men act and feel like her father.

3. She will test you always

This can be frustrating when you have to constantly prove your love

to someone. This girl will always want to test your love and will

constantly bring up, “what ifs”. She might sometimes push you away

to see if you are willing to stay with her.

4. People’s pleaser

She will be there for you like your mother when you feel unwell.

Her bedroom game will be usually good since she will want to please

and comply with the request of men. She yearns to feel wanted and needed.

5. Distrust

Get ready to explain why you had a call at 8 in the night. Everything you

do is suspicious. You’ll always have to explain that you’re not cheating

and you would not leave her. You’ll usually argue over unrealistic

issues with her trying to apologise later with sex.

Dating a girl like this sounds mentally draining but it does come with

its own perks. She can be caring, loving and affectionate. If you know

you can handle some stress, why not? Go in for it. But don’t lead her

on and leave her when she’s into you, you’ll only make her worse.

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