5 common issues faced by cohabiting couples

5 common issues faced by cohabiting couples

5 common issues faced by cohabiting couples

Living together sounds good on paper until you can’t get

off each other’s necks. You start to fantasize about moving out

or even breaking up so you can have your own space

to do whatever you want.

Not a one size fits all scenario, this may or may not work because

several factors come into play. And while it may be the new normal

especially with young couples, cohabitation takes

a lot of work from both parties.

Whether it was a gradual move to the next step of your relationship

or it was to bring your financial.


Here are some issues you may have to deal with once you

decide to move in together.

  • House chores

If you’re like me, a filthy house is a deal-breaker. So you can imagine

living with a partner who could care less about dirty dishes or picking

after themselves. While it was fine to visit their untidy apartment every

other weekend, living in one could be a big problem.

If this issue goes unresolved, who does what and when, the stress can

lead to a breakup. Communicate your expectations to each other,

compromise and create a system that favors you both.

  • Sex issues

Since it is hardly discussed, many couples find themselves at loggerheads

when their sex drives and expectations don’t match. If you used to meet

over the weekend and have sex that may change once you move in.

You will find one partner wants to get down and dirty every other day

while the other prefers having scheduled sex like on Sundays only.

If not handled well this will lead to resentment, arguments and fears

of being a mismatch may start creeping in.

  • Alone time

Personality differences will dictate how much alone time you need

once you’re living together. While it may be good to wake up next

to each other every morning, there comes a point you want some

space to be in your own world doing your own things.

You must communicate and compromise so that the person who

doesn’t require some alone space doesn’t feel neglected or left out.

  • Annoying behaviors

When you get to live with someone you will get to know them properly.

And this includes their little quirks like leaving their socks in the

sitting room or not putting the toilet seat down after

reminding them over and over again to do it.

What was once bearable now becomes annoying and if not checked

with proper communication can be a deal-breaker.


  • Money

Before the excitement clouds your judgment, you need to sit down

together and discuss finances. Who will pay for what? Don’t just

assume that money will surface at the end of the month by some

miracle when you’re both jobless and struggling to stay afloat.

You also need to have a serious discussion about savings, investments

and spending habits. Failure to do so can be the end

of your relationship as trust issues start to pop up

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