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2-year-old girl reported missing at Asankragua

2-year-old girl reported missing at Asankragua

2-year-old girl reported missing at Asankragua

Two-year-old Ama Kruwa has gone missing after going for a play

date on Thursday afternoon.

An aunt of the girl, Abena Adowa, reported the incident to the

Asankragua Police Command at Amenfi West District of the

Western Region after steps to locate her proved futile.

According her, Ama Kruwa left with some other children to go

and play in a nearby house after eating.

After completing her chores at 4:pm, she decided to go for the

two-year-old to have dinner but was told Ama Kruwa had left,

saying she was returning home.


“I was with her during the day. She was asleep till 2:pm where after,

I gave her lunch. After eating, the children said they were going to play.

So I went back to the kitchen to finish my chores.

“So when I finished cooking, I went to call her but the woman whose

house they went to told me there were two boys playing when she

arrived. So I asked one of the boys and he said Kruwa told them

she was returning home.

“But he said he saw her and another child playing under the orange

tree,” she narrated.

She noted that family relatives have since searched for her but to no avail.

Speaking to Adom News’ correspondent, Boah Augustine, she feared that

young Kruwa may have been abducted to be used for rituals.

Adding that the two-year-old is unable to travel far distance

because of a leg disability.

She is, therefore, pleading with the general public to provide the

police with information about her whereabouts.

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