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2 suspected young kidnappers nabbed in Darkoman

2 suspected young kidnappers nabbed in Darkoman

2 suspected young kidnappers nabbed in Darkoman

A 4-year-old girl has escaped suspected kidnapping at Darkoman,

a suburb of Accra. Grandmother of the child, Mary Adzomayi said

the incident occurred when her grandchild together with her older

sister went out to buy food.


While on the errand, the suspects – alleged to be between the ages of

17 and 20 years – took the 4-year-old hostage and sacked the other.

Narrating the incident to JoyNews, Mary said it took the intervention

of the girl’s father to rescue the child after he found out his

children had not returned from the errand.

“The father had come asking of the whereabouts of his two children,

4 and 7-year-old, he followed up because the children had quite kept long.

Fortunately, he met the 4-year-old who was in the custody of two men

between the ages of 17 and 20 years.

“When he asked of the other child (7year old), he was told by the two men

she had been sent by them, he also asked why they had the 4-year-old with them,

they replied they saw some spirits and wanted to cast it out from her.

She explained that the children’s father further raised an alarm and the

two suspects were sent to the police station.

Mary Adzomayi disclosed human teeth, anointing oil were among the

things that were found in the suspects’ possession upon a search

conducted at the police station.

The Darkoman police is however investigating the matter.

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