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12-year-old hawker narrates his kidnapping escape in Kumasi

12-year-old hawker narrates his kidnapping escape in Kumasi

 12-year-old hawker narrates his kidnapping escape in Kumasi

A 12-year-old boy has told the story of how he narrowly escaped

kidnapping in the hands of his trusted customer.

The victim told Nhyira FM during the popular Obra Show that

he was hawking camphor at Kumasi Angloga Junction that fateful day.

While busily scrolling past cars, he was signaled by one of his

customers driving a Corolla, but rather than do his usual purchase,

he asked the boy to escort him home, which he said was nearby.

The boy said he fell into deep sleep abruptly due to the awkward

silence they were driving in, and woke up hours later.

Then sensing danger, he said he asked if they were close to the man’s

house in Kumasi, only to be informed they were miles away in Accra.

The boy, now uncomfortable, said he began asking questions

which got on the nerves of the driver, and after getting to

an interchange, which he later got to know was Kwame Nkrumah Circle,

the driver asked him to step out and wait for him at a point,

while he attends to a quick business.


After waiting for another four hours for the said man who never

showed up, he was forced to sleep at a

taxi station where he was later rescued.

Some good Samaritans drove him to the police station after he

narrated his ordeal, and he was officially

declared a missing person after one week.

However, with the help of a female police officer, his parents

were located and he was reunited with his family.

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